Pick your Number!


1 is not only 1
But if you add the digits in 10: 1+0=1.
Or 28: 2+8=10, 1+0=1
So for 1, you could also play 10, 19 or 28

Instead of playing only the one-digit numbers between 1 and 9, you can also add up the two-digit numbers between 10 and 36 and play the corresponding number. Or you can cross methods too! Look for your lucky number in your Chinese horoscope, your name or your birthdate (see Section 9) and play the corresponding two-digit number from the 1-10 Line Chart.

Look at last draw's winning number, and play the accompanying numbers on the 1/16 Chart. Each number appears three times. You can play all six accompanying numbers to block your mark. For example, if the last play was 2, then according to the 1/16 Chart, 17 and 30 are likely to call and should be played next. But 2 also appears with 10-25 and 23-15. These can be played too, to further block your mark!


After the 1/16 Chart, you will find stories that go with the chart's numbers. The combination of numbers in the 1/16 Chart are further endorsed by the stories that can be found amongst them. Read through the stories, and you will find everyday situations. If you experience them, you can play the corresponding numbers.

1 Centipede (bar), 16 Jamette, 29 Opium Man
Drunk man with jamette at a bar.

2 Old Lady, 17 Pigeon (young girl), 30 House Cat
Old lady living with young girl in a house.

3 Carriage (hearse), 18 Water Boat (coffin/hole),
31 Parson Wife (praying)
A funeral. Only the dead person is missing.

4 Dead Man, 19 Horse (danger), 32 Shrimps (bullet)
A shootout ending in death.

5 Parson Man, 20 Dog (bandit), 33 Spider (money)
The parson earns money from funerals.

6 Belly (hole), 21 Mouth (hole), 34 Blind Man (cemetery)
The dead is about to be buried.

7 Hog, 22 Rat, 35 Big Snake
Big snake looking for food: rat and hog.

8 Tiger (quarrelling), 23 House, 26 Donkey
Quarrelling going on in a house, behaving like a jack-ass.

9 Cattle (milk), 24 Queen, 1 Centipede (light)
Queen/mother in the limelight.

10 Monkey (boy child), 25 Morocoy (fire), 2 Old Lady
Quarrelling with mischievous boy child.

11 Corbeau, 26 Fowl, 3 Carriage (egg)
Birds laying eggs.

12 King (saga), 27 Little Snake (road), 4 Dead Man
A sweetman is a dead man walking.

13 Crapaud (girl child), 28 Red Fish (receiving gift),
5 Parson Man
Parson in a christening, receiving gift for the child.

14 Money, 29 Opium Man (drunkard), 6 Belly (hole)
Drunk man wasting his money.

15 Sick Woman (pregnant woman), 30 House Cat (crying),
7 Hog (old man)
Woman crying. She's pregnant for an older man.

16 Jamette, 31 Parson Wife (big jamette), 8 Tiger (bad/quarrelling)
Two bad jamettes in a showdown.

17 Pigeon (young girl), 32 Shrimps, 9 Cattle (milk)
Promiscuous, well-endowed girl.

18 Water boat (river), 33 Spider (net, crab, shrimp),
10 Monkey (boy child)
Boy playing by the river, catching crab and shrimp.

19 Horse, 34 Blind Man (visitor), 11 Corbeau (police)
Policeman on top horse, controlling the crowd.

20 Dog, 35 Big Snake (road), 12 King (inspector, doctor)
Big man walking his dog on the road.

21 Mouth (talking), 36 donkey (laughing), 13 Crapaud (girl child)
Girl child talking and laughing her head off.

22 Rat (thief), 1 Centipede (small gun, knife, stick), 14 Money
Money thief.

23 House (hospital), 2 Old Lady, 15 Sick Woman
Sick old woman in the hospital.

24 Queen, 2 Carriage (car), 16 Jamette
Big time jamette in a fancy car.

25 Morocoy (fire), 4 Dead Man (coffin), 17 Pigeon (crowd)
Crowd at a cremation.

26 Fowl (priest), 5 Parson Man, 18 Water Boat
Priests on a journey.

27 Little Snake, 6 Belly (hole), 19 Horse (danger)
Horsewhip snake hiding in a hole.

28 Red Fish (drinking rum), 7 Hog (sick/full bag),
20 Dog (boy child)
Young man is drunk.

29 Opium Man (drunkard), 8 Tiger ( quarrelling, temper),
21 Mouth
Drunk man with a foul mouth.

30 House Cat, 9 Cattle (meat, milk), 22 Rat
Rat and cat stealing food: meat and milk.

31 Parson Wife (jamette), 10 Monkey (boy child), 23 House
Big jamette with young man inside a house.

Shrimps (male genitals), 11 Corbeau (pants), 24 Queen
High society woman having an affair.

33 Spider (bed), 12 King (saga boy), 25 Morocoy (fire)
Sweetman hot like fire in bed.

34 Blind Man, 13 Crapaud (hiding), 26 Fowl (crowd)
Blind man peeping at crowd, pretending to be blind.

35 Big Snake (long road), 14 Money, 27 Little Snake (short road)
Money in the road.

36 Donkey (female genitals), 15 Sick Woman, 28 Red Fish (blood)
Menstruating woman.

Similar to the 1/16 Chart, this is another 'true and tested' system for some players to choose corresponding marks.

Look at the last draw's winning number, or look at what your draw is Coming Under, and play the accompanying numbers on the 1/8 Chart. Again, each number appears thrice, and you can play all to block your mark.

Like the 1/16 Chart, the 1/8 Chart is further endorsed by stories. Look for them yourself!

The method of play with the Bank Chart is to combine the numbers in the circles with those in the triangles. The green numbers are the main marks, the blue numbers are the blocking marks.

To play the circle:
block the green 1
with the blue 34 and 10.


To play the triangle:
Block the green 2 with the blue 35 and 11


Also, you can cross over between
the triangle and the circle:
play the green 2 with the blue 34 and 10.

To play according to the Lucky Diamond Chart, pick your starter mark. It could be the number from last week's draw, the 'Last Play' or any other number that is of significance to you.

Find that starter mark on the red part of the Lucky Diamond Chart. Let's take for example the 11 here.

Select the numbers that surround the starter mark in an imagined square to block it. For our example, the red 11, you will find on the red chart of the 11; and 31, 35 and 4 below it.

On the Blue chart, the numbers above the 11 are 34, 28 and 22, the numbers left and right are 5 and 17, and the numbers below are 36, 30 and 24.

The numbers common to both Lucky Diamond Charts are the most favourable to block the 11. In our example, it would be the 22 that appears in both the red and blue part of the Chart surrounding the 11.

11 Corbeau plays strongly with 22 Rat!