Pick your Number!



n ancient pastime, Play Whe was known as Chinapoo; a numbers game played bypersons who where influenced by intutition , superstition, dreams and caprice. Brought to Trinidad by Chinese immigrants, Play Whe was traditionally called "Whe Whe".

o longer in its original form, it has been creolised, acquiring words (marks) like Jamette (#16 : Low Class Man or Woman), Crapaud (#13 Frog), Corbeau (#11: Vulture), Coco Bay (#24: Eye Infection ro Leprosy, from the name of the bay at Chacachacare where there was once a leper colony).It has retained one Chinese word, albeit corrupted, 'Tie Pin', correctly T'ai P'ing (#12: Heavenly Kingdom).

he Symbol of Play Whe is a drawing of the Chinaman jumbie, or Chinapoo. His anatomy is divided into some 36 segments, Each marked with either mark, partner or spirit numbers, depending on the chart.