Since its inception the National Lottery Classic had undergone several changes, namely:

o The number of tickets printed for each Draw,
o The number and value of prizes offered,
o The number of fractions that comprise a whole ticket, and
o Variation in ticket prices, Draw Dates and frequency.

For example, over the last thirty-Three (33) years Classic ticket prices ranged form as low as .25¢ to as high as $80.00, and a ticket comprised between (five) to (twenty) 20 fractions. Presently a National Lottery Classic Ticket of five (5) fractions retails for $10.00.

Even prior to the introduction to the On-Line games the Classic Lottery was in a state of decline. The introduction of the On-Line Games contributed to the quickening of this decline but this is no different form what obtains in the Lottery industry globally. Whenever an electronic Game is introduced into a jurisdiction the Passive Lottery usually dies or is quickly phased out form the betting market. The fact that the Classic Lottery still exists after seven (7) years of stiff competition from the On-Line Games and continues to hold a niche in the wagering market is reason enough for celebration and for us getting together today. You, our front line personnel, must be commended for continuing to believe in the Classic Lottery.